Public Spaces

unites people


Two people have a chance encounter in Rome.
Sparks fly!


Paul, 32

Sandy, 29

Paul is from Northern Europe,
Sandy from the South

Their journey comes to an end.
Will they meet again?


Dear Sandy..

Beautiful Sandy

Miss you

My dearest Sandy

I would like to visit you

Would you like to visit me?

Would you like to come to Germany

Dear Paul

Hello Paul

It was a good time

Visit a you in the winter?

Not so sure...

Might not be a good atmosphere


Paul is in charge of marketing for his city.
It's really his job to make it appeal to Sandy!

Can Paul make his city comfortable for Sandy?

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


Hello, here is Paul - Head of City Marketing
I would like to create shining atmosphere in my city

Yes, you're right to contact MK illumination.
Let's meet and see how we can bring lighting magic to your city!

paul shows1 paul shows2 paul shows3

Then comes an onsite check.

city city city city city city city city

MK Illumination delivers a tailored concept
which is very attractive to city officials

production 1 production 2 production 3 production 4 production 5 production 6

The production starts...

Fine details are defined, decisions are made about materials and design

Then comes techincal and installation planning

Motifs are made in Presov

Continual fine adjustments

Final quality check

Transport, logistics, mounting

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November

At the same time
Paul sends Sandy an invitation!

Everything is ready.
We're set to illuminate the city!

Switch on

And where's Sandy. Is she there?

MK Illumination
sparks people's emotions